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Selected Posts from My Other Blog: June 11, 2012

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I will now occasionally put up links to selected posts on my other blog.

The American Work Ethic is a Cancerous Ideology

Americans in particular, and West-Europeans in general, pride themselves on their so-called ‘work ethic’. It is supposedly an important reason behind their prosperity. Now I could easily make the case that genocide, enslavement and looting of others were (and still are) the major factors behind western prosperity- but that is not the focus of this post. Instead I will show you how this supposedly superior ‘work ethic’ is a rather bizarre and pathological ideology. Let us begin by asking a simple question- What do most people actually get out of diligent hard work?

Suburbs are Secular Necropolises

Many years ago, I noticed something odd about the homes of people in western countries in general and north America in particular. While most people lived in medium to large houses full of things, they were remarkably deficient as far as people were concerned. Let me explain the concept in a bit more detail..

Witch Hunting in the Twenty First Century

The average person in developed countries seems to believe that witch hunting was something done by an older “patriarchal” society to mostly older and often single women in the pre-1700 era. They also believe that people no longer believe in witchcraft- at least not enough to ostracize,torture and burn people who hold beliefs or practice ideologies that are non-mainstream. But is that true? Did the phenomena of witch hunting really die out after the 1700s?

Have a look at them if you are interested in that sort of stuff.

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